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    [18 Apr 2013 | No Comment | ]

    As the Boston Marathon tragedy unfolded I was glued to the TV and online media outlets trying to find out more information. My desire to know what was going on was so great, and I imagine from the frenzy on social media, I was not the only one. I scoured through the new information that was continually being posted. And in that material I came across a photograph of the aftermath, right about where the bomb went off.
    What emotionally struck me at first was the amount of, for a lack …

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    [14 Jul 2010 | One Comment | ]
    The violent lady from Old East Hill sitting along side some lost soles

    When I moved into our new place I met the neighbor, Chip, very early on who owns a sign shop across the street. We hit it off pretty well as he is an artist as well, and we share many of the same views and interests. During one of our first chats he told me about a woman in the neighborhood who is a little deranged and should be avoided at all costs due to her random acts of violence. His friend had become a victim of one outburst …

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    [10 Feb 2010 | No Comment | ]
    Lost Sole #346 is dedicated to Phil Harris, found in Port Charlotte, FL the day he passed. He had a colorful personality, which makes this shoe somewhat fitting, although he was not flashy, just honest and real.

    Yesterday Phil Harris, the captain of the Cornelia Marie and one of the stars of the hit show Deadliest Catch passed away. Lost Sole #346 is dedicated to Phil Harris, found in Port Charlotte, FL the day he passed. He had a colorful personality, which makes this shoe somewhat fitting, although he was not flashy, just honest and real.

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    [11 Dec 2009 | No Comment | ]

    These books are much more than just photo books, they are a photographically-illustrated, collection of non-fictional short stories that become a cohesive short novel. All 3 volumes are interconnected. Vol. 1 is a about a physical journey (traveling across the U.S. in a motorhome after becoming homeless following a disastrous hurricane), Volume 2 picks up where Vol 1 left off by embarking on another physical journey but moves more to a mental and spiritual journey involving a parents’ personal tragedy. Vol. 3 follows struggle to get through that tragedy and …

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    [11 Nov 2009 | One Comment | ]
    Pops, Nora, Aimee, Sharon and Rachie at the condo

    You will understand the headline later in the story so I ask you to bear with me as I write this entry mostly for myself to preserve the details of a great weekend.
    This past weekend Sharon’s parents along with her sister and her husband, and her other sister came to visit. We rented a 5 bedroom, 4 story condo just across from the beach for 4 days so we could all stay in the same place. The condo itself was incredible, between the view and being within walking distance …

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    [2 Nov 2009 | No Comment | ]
    Jack and Jinjer as puppies, although they do not look much different today, just a little grayer around the muzzles

    Over the weekend Sharon and I watched the movie Marley and Me. We had been told NOT to watch it as it is pretty sad and it might hit too close to home. Well it did. And I am still affected by it.
    What happened is we were hanging out Sat morning and looking for something to watch. As we flipped through HBO channels we came across a movie and saw Jennifer Anniston and Owen Wilson, we stopped to see what it was and realized what it was. The scene was …

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    [21 Oct 2009 | 3 Comments | ]

    This is one of my greatest fears, that I will walk up to a shoe to photograph it, and there will be a foot still in it!! I guess there could have been as I did not look in them for feet. I came across this article in Outside Magazine and I just had to repost it here. Takes Lost Soles to a whole new level! I am going to write the editor a note about my Lost Soles and see if it makes it into the magazine.
    Outside Magazine, October …

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    [20 Oct 2009 | 2 Comments | ]
    I think the picture says it all.

    First of all I am having to type this while Nora is laying on my desk in front of me, squirming like crazy and getting quite fussy. Time to hand her back to Mommy soon, my milk has yet to come in :) With everything going on, newborn baby, work overload, the 365 Project, Noraslife.com and producing Vol 3, I have not had much time to blog. However I need to as I want to get some of the things I might forget written down.
    The mornings have been designated …

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    [12 Oct 2009 | No Comment | ]
    The cover unveiled for Volume 3, Lost Soles lead to Hope Found

    The 3rd Volume of the One Shoe Diaries entitled Lost Soles Lead to Hope Found is currently scheduled to be released on Thanksgiving of 2009. This will be just in time for Christmas Orders to be taken and shipped in time for the Holidays. **hint-hint**
    Just as the other Volumes, Volume 3 follows Sharon and Randy’s journey through life’s ups and downs. It begins with surviving every parent’s nightmare, to healing as a couple, to eventually experiencing every parent’s greatest moment, and along the way it dives further into the almost …

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    [8 Oct 2009 | One Comment | ]

    Here are photos selected from the contributor’s galleries submitted for the 365 Project. They reflect several unique and different perspectives on our world. Quantity is going down each month. It started with 31 contributors and is down to 12 :( But the quality keeps getting better. Register on the main 365 page and start shooting.
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