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    [5 Jul 2012 | One Comment | ]

    Mostly I write of the big moments that happen in our lives, but the seemingly mundane events are what make life where we live great. Take for instance this one day in the life of the Hamiltons.
    I wake up to our dog Jinjer, who sleeps in our bed with us, wanting to go outside to potty. I rise and grab my robe. On the way through the semi-dark kitchen I get a glance at the time, 5:44 a.m. Pretty typical time for Jinjer to get her urge. I let her …

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    [11 Jun 2012 | No Comment | ]

    While out browsing through thrift stores with Sharon and Nora, Pensacola was inundated with HEAVY rainfall. At one point the lightning was so severe I was worried about getting struck as we drove down the road. But it turned out that was not as dangerous as the flash floods we would have to dodge as we tried to make our way home. I had never seen it rain that hard, for that long!!
    The first encounter was on Ninth Ave near PSC. Vehicles were already trapped on the road ahead in …

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    [18 Jan 2011 | No Comment | ]
    The St. George lighthouse was relocated from the West End of the Island where it had collapsed from hurricanes in 2005. The locals gathered all of the bricks, and using the original plans rebuilt the lighthouse where it now stands in the center of the island activity.

    As the photographer for Snowbirds Gulf Coast Magazine, I get to travel up and down the Gulf Coast on assignment to capture photos of the area and of featured interviewees. This past week I was fortunate to have a shoot scheduled on the Beautiful and secluded St. George Island located in the Apalachicola region of the Florida Panhandle.
    The drive down there was not so fun due to the cries of a 16 month old baby who was tired of being strapped into a seat for 3 hours. Nora eventually fell …

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    [3 Jan 2011 | No Comment | ]
    2010: The year of the Oil Spill. This Lost Sole became a source of a lot of attention for the One Shoe Diaries. It helped get over 30,000 hits in one weekend when I got featured on CNN.com because of this photo.

    This bittersweet year was full of memorable events for Sharon and I. Full of soaring ups and tumbling downs. When looking back it seems like the year went so fast, but yet it is amazing how much happened in the span of a year.
    It started with Nora’s first New Year which just became a series of firsts for us and Nora. Nora’s first words, her first steps, her first Birthday, our first trip to Disney as a family and so on. Experiencing life as a dad is so much more …

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    [11 Sep 2010 | 2 Comments | ]
    HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY NORA! Nora not too sure about this chocolate thing yet. I am sure that will change.

    Every parent says it, “I cannot believe it has been a year already!” and they also say, “look how big she has gotten!” I think both things as I look through her pics from birth to now. It has been an incredible journey. OI so thankful I never missed a day. By working at home I saw her wake up every day, and kissed her goodnight at the end of it. I got to see her go from a bobble head to now running around talking. She can even use a fork and even strum a guitar! Where did my baby go?

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    [8 Sep 2010 | No Comment | ]
    Taken by Randy during the Skipjack races on Deal Island, MD

    We arrived at Deal Island with a sound asleep Nora, after an hour straight of screaming. She just wanted out of the VAN! She endured 20 hours over 3 days stuck in the car seat and just could not handle another minute. So I pulled over and just by pure luck, was an upscale gated subdivision with the gate wide open. We drove in and stopped along the fountains at the entrance. I got out with Nora and immediately she stopped crying. She loves fountains and moving water. After holding …

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    [9 Aug 2010 | Comments Off on Contact | ]

    If you are interested in advertising, interviewing or speaking with Randy about opportunities to exhibit the project in your gallery/store please use the form below or call 850-529-4339. Thank you for your interest.

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    [9 Jul 2010 | 3 Comments | ]

    ***Please note, we now have prints of Randy’s photos up for sale of beach scenes and beach wildlife (dolphins and birds) as well as Lost Sole #359 that was featured on CNN, to benefit the Emerald Coast Keeper Organization, please help us clean up our shorelines!!** (view prints>>)
    We have decided to find creative ways to collect money to donate to a local organization, The Emerald Coast Keeper, to help do our part and clean up the beaches. So far we have collected $50 through a silent auction of a framed …

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    [26 Feb 2010 | No Comment | ]
    December 2009, Outside Magazine Cover

    Recently I submitted a letter to the editor after reading an article about shoes washing up in Vancouver with feet still in them. (here is a link to the lost sole blog entry I wrote where I copied the article into the bottom)
    Of course it struck a cord with me so I wrote a letter to the editor. To my surprise a neighbor informed me about seeing my name in a magazine recently, and remembered it was Outside Magazine. I immediately went home and searched through my issue and …

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    [28 Jan 2010 | No Comment | ]

    The One Shoe Diaries has enabled a new feature for fellow Sole Searchers to upload their found Lost Soles. If you are using a cell phone camera just text the picture along with your name and where you found it to lostso19C7@pixpulse.com, from there your photo will be automatically added to our gallery and a moving slide show located on all webpages in the sidebar. If you are using a digital camera, don’t worry, if you email the photo to that same address it will work in the same manner. …

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