About the Project

In October 2004 my wife Sharon and I, Randy, lost our residence on Pensacola Beach to Hurricane Ivan. Instead of treating it as a disaster we made this an opportunity for us to pursue our dream of traveling the U.S. in a motor home. During our four-year adventure on the road, we noticed numerous lone shoes sitting on the side of the road. We began to get intrigued by how many there were, and the fact that each of those shoes had to have belonged to someone, but who? Were they male or female, young or old, rich or poor? How did it end up alone on the road? The inherent mystery tied to these images is the untold story of each shoe, the viewer cannot help but create that story in their mind.

So what we have decided to do is catalog the shoes we come across through photographs along with the stories of Adventure that accompany each shoe. Hence the birth of the One Shoe Diaries™. The shoes are left in their original state, we do not alter or move them.

We have since stopped living full-time in the motorhome and currently reside back in Pensacola, Florida. Many events have happened since we first started out on this journey of life after Hurricane Ivan. We journeyed cross-country, we lost our sweet Noah at birth, we were blessed with Nora shortly after, we endured the BP oil spill as it wrecked our beaches and economy, I lost my mother and most recently Jinny passed away. Life throws lots of ups and downs and we invite you to experience ours with us. We hope you enjoy our ever-growing collection of shoes and the stories attach to them.

Most recently discovered Lost Soles

Latest Stories from the Road

The Sands of Time.

Since Nora's birth, I have been having trouble keeping up with Life's frantic pace. Between Nora growing up before our eyes and the bills that seem to come non-stop I have been losing track of time. Weeks seems like they only consist of Mondays Fridays and Sundays. I...

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Nora and I’s Thing

Since Nora was first able to walk we have had a special thing we share together. She calls it going to the elevator. Our house sits in a historic downtown area and just down the street from us is the Crown Plaza Hotel, a.k.a. "The Grand" to locals. It was once a train...

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The Long Road to Cincinnati

The road trip to Cincinnati was complicated from the very beginning. I had just finished a photoshoot that evening and we barely had time to pack. I was also unable to get things done to the Ark, our huge, white, camper van, that I needed to. Such as get an oil change...

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