The outdoor seating of Spot of Tea, and the interior was just as unique.

The outdoor seating of Spot of Tea, and the interior was just as unique.

Mobile, Alabama is one of those places, while close to home, I have not explored much. So on a run to pick up political signs outside Mobile for a client, Sharon and I decided it was time to check out the downtown. It was actually much cleaner and nicer than I expected and we sat down for lunch at a restaurant, A Spot of Tea, that had a little something different to offer. The had outdoor seating across the street from their restaurant right along the sidewalk in the park. The servers had to literally wait for traffic to stop before waiting on us. The park was gorgeous. Tall oak trees with spanish moss dangling from all the sprawling branches. The weather was a perfect 80 degrees. And the food was spectacular. Sharon had the banana foster’s french toast and I had their specialty, Eggs Cathedral, appropriately named as the park was adjacent to a huge, historic Catholic Cathedral. It consisted of a grilled English muffin topped with crab cake, scrambled eggs and our homemade seafood sauce, made with blackened Mexican grouper and crawfish. It was incredible and I actually craving it right now! Here is a little more about the restaurant per their website…

History of Our Building:
This Landmark was erected in 1836, back in the late 1800’s it was a stable for carriages, which is why we named one of our rooms “Carriageway”. The Building housed a Dry Cleaners for 49 years and a Department store for 83 years. Ruby and her son Tony opened the Spot of Tea in 1994. When we first opened our doors we could only seat 29 guests, after the first eight months it was either close our doors or expand, so as you can see we have expanded four times. This landmark is 168 years old. The beautiful building has a lot of charm.

Description of exterior of the Spot of Tea Historic Building:
This landmark is located within the Lower Dauphin Street Commercial Historic District (LDSCHD), a historic district located on the National Register of Historic Places in 1979. Georgian edifice of brick with its dormer windows makes the Spot of Tea, “The Place To Be”. The upper floor with its long balcony and tall French doors serves as a specious apartment for the owner. We now have a “Sidewalk Café” with eight tables with umbrellas. Our Winter Guest (snowbirds) from England and the North as well as our hometown guest love to sit in the Sidewalk Café. 2003 brought a “Crosswalk” with two tables on the other side of the street that connects the Spot of Tea with Cathedral Square.

Another on my long list of must sees, but if in Mobile, you must go.