Lost Sole #435lost-sole-shoe436_small[wp_geo_map]

Nora's first Lost Sole discovery on Feb. 16, 2012

I was wondering how long it would take before Nora showed interest in finding shoes. Well now I know, Nora located her first Lost Sole at the age of 27 months :) She found it while walking to our local vegan restaurant. She noticed it before I did which I found to be pretty impressive. I believe that was the first time anyone spotted a shoe before I did.

It didn’t take long before she spotted yet another in the park, but I had noticed that one before her ;) And the most recent to date, I also spotted first, but she did discover it by herself. I just waited to see if she would. I wouldn’t say she has become obsessed about it, or that they really even occupy her mind much. But I’m sure it will not take long before the fever sets in fully and she is spotting them left and right on the road as we travel down the highways and byways of America.