It was a hard thing to do, but what was previously our travel blog website, has been decommissioned. We now have visitors routed to the One Shoe Diaires where our blog now resides. But to keep the distinction between the old and new posts we created a category titled DogParks and Brewpubs which will contain all of the entries from our journeys in the motor home.

Here is a little background on why we titled it Dogparks and Brewpubs. As most of you know we traveled with our dogs, Jack and Jinjer (view their gallery). We got them as little puppies and they were raised in the motor home. So for exercise and socialization we started finding dogparks every where we visited. It became an obsession almost to visit as many as we could. The other obsession was brewpubs, a restaurant or bar where they brewed their own beers. We loved and still do, trying new and different beers. So the blog title became easy. What is funny is we were going to do a coffee table book and title it Dogparks and Brewpubs and review all the ones we visited. We had planned to hit the whole U.S. eventually but life had other plans for us. I think the one Shoe Diaries books were more my destiny :)

It was amazing looking back on those entries and re-reading them for the first time in a long time. I feel so fortunate to have been able to experience such a unique once in a lifetime adventure. I invite those new to our blog to go back through and read about the experience. I hope you gain some insight into human nature and see this country of ours in a different light. I know it was a time that we will never forget and changed our lives forever.

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