A new Pensacola landmark, the idea and execution is great!

A new Pensacola landmark, the idea and execution is great!

Al Fresco is located downtown Pensacola in an area that has recently undergone a transformation. What was old empty buildings, just going to waste. Is now a vibrant and bustling area. One of my favorite additions was Al Fresco.

Al Fresco is a combination of old, repurposed, Airstream trailers which now serve as individual kitchens. Sort of like a group of food trucks that share a common outdoor eating area, anchored by one traditional restaurant. Because of a no-food-truck-ordinance in Pensacola, any such structures must be tied to a traditional non-moving restaurant

The traditional restaurant is Jerry’s Cajun which has been a town favorite at its previous location, but just moved downtown for this venture. Always good food there.

Instead of writing descriptions of my own, Ill just copy and paste from their Facebook page…

“Al Fresco is the newest hotspot in Downtown Pensacola. Nestled between 14 Palm Trees in the heart of Pensacola on Palafox and Main Streets, enjoy 5 different restaurants including Jerry’s Cajun Café as the anchor and 4 Airstream Restaurants including Z Taco Fresh Mex, Gouda Stuff Gourmet Melts, Shotgun BBQ , and the Greenhouse. Al Fresco is the perfect place to have a meal as well as a glass of wine or beer before a baseball game, festival or to any Downtown event. Patrons can enjoy dining outdoors on tables, chairs and umbrellas with beautiful landscaping and exciting downtown scenery.”

I personally seem to always go to Gouda Stuff as I love gourmet grilled cheeses, and there are several good ones to choose from. Sharon loves the fish tacos at Z-Taco. Neither of us have been to the other 2, yet. As they just recently opened.