Some things just seem to be more than coincidence, and many of those things in our life seem to involve Noah. During our recent trip to Munich, Germany we were walking around the Marienplatz area when we seemed to be drawn into the courtyard of the Rathaus that is home to the famous Glockenspiel. And in that courtyard in a far dark corner was an entrance to the Ratskeller restaurant via a set of stairs going below ground. It beckoned us to go in. It was so ornate inside, full of gothic arches and old paintings, just amazing, but it was too early for lunch and we didn’t have time to sit anyway as there was so much we needed to see that day. All we had time for was to get a picture of Nora outside of it, with the two lions. Which looking back now, should have given us a clue to the theme of the restaurant.
The timing wasn’t right for lunch yet so we moved on from it but kept seeing entrances to the restaurant all over the building, it felt like we should eat there, but like I said, time was not our friend. We moved on and explored the city and the next day headed to into the Alps for a few days.

We were due to come back by train to Munich to catch the night train to Rome after the Alps. Originally I timed it so we stayed longer in the Alps but we saw that there was a Christmas Market open in Munich that day which was one thing we really wanted to experience. So we headed to Munich in the morning to spend some more time.

I felt a little sad as we departed from the Bavarian Alps, but we made it to Munich with no problems. I loved being down there. We got to Munich and stored our luggage and headed back to Marienplatz to visit the Christmas Market at the Royal Residence. First we needed to eat, and once again we found ourselves once again drawn to Ratskeller, so we figured we would give in this time. The food was really good, and I had a fantastic beer there.

But it was not until after we got home from our trip that I wanted to research the name Ratskeller. It translates to Hall Cellar. It was in the cellar of the town hall of Munich. And to my surprise and dismay the entire theme of the restaurant was Noah’s Ark. We had no idea as we were not in the main dining room plus we were in such a rush that we didn’t check out the decor of the main dining room. It was as if Noah was wanting to tell us he was there in Germany with us, but we didn’t hear him. I felt so bad. Yet at the same time I felt uplifted that we finally figured it out. It now explains the 2 lions at the front.

In all of our traveling in Germany the only Lost Sole I found was one I saw while on a train when we had made a stop at train station. I did the best I could before the train headed back off again. I apologize, as the photo is not great.