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After the oil spill disaster we came up with the idea to sell prints of our beautiful coastline that Randy has taken over the years with all profits to benefit the Emerald Coast Keeper Organization. So please help us do a small part to clean up and protect our incredible coastline on the Gulf Coast.

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  • Dolphins Playing in Gulf Prints

    This image was taken while on a boat just outside of Destin Pass heading west to Fort Walton Beach © 2007, Hamilton Images. Photo Taken by Randall Louis Hamilton

  • Lost Sole #359 Prints

    Lost Sole #359. This oil smeared flip flop was discovered washed up on Pensacola Beach, June 23rd, 2010. It has been featured on CNN (Lost Soles found on an oiled Florida beach>>) It is also dedicated to a dolphin discovered washed up on Pensacola Beach the same day it was found. (blog entry dedication) As with the other prints I am currently selling, most of the profits from this sale will benefit the Emerald Coast Keeper Organization that helps protect our beautiful Coastlines.