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After a very long, LONG, previous day, we awoke to a very bright day outside, sweating and very thirsty. It felt as if we had landed on the surface of mars. The sun heated up the coach so much and so quickly the we just knew we were on another planet. Since it was pitch black when we arrived, our first look outside almost confirmed it. There we no trees anywhere and the landscape was flat as a pancake. We were far way from any town and the buildings that were around us were picnic shelters and campground bathrooms that were constructed with triangular geometry, an alien looking architecture (or what Hollywood tells us it looks like :) But thank god we were just in a foreign state, Texas. I do not want to offend anyone from Galveston, as it is a great little beach town, just not blessed with great beaches. In fact that were pretty disgusting in my opinion. They were loaded with washed-up red algae on dirty muck-like silt mixed with brown sand, with brown muddy water washing up, which at the time, was unsuitable for swimming due to the very high bacterial and fecal content (AKA, too much raw sewage, AKA, too much human shit in the water). We wanted to leave that day! But we decided to go explore the town. As bad as the beaches were, the town was that good. Moody Gardens was alot of fun, although too expensive. The downtown was really nice, good shopping (got Sharon a cowboy hat), great food and good pubs. We hit a very small quaint Irish pub, O’Malley’s. And the next day had lunch at The Spot, they let dogs sit at the outside deck tables so Jack and Jinjer could eat with us. The next night we had dinner at Fish Tales, and the next night dinner at the Original Mexican Cafe which had really good food, different menu items that were a great change. The Texas pageant took place outside Houston, in Sugarland. We stayed at the All-star resort nearby. The pageant went smoothly other than I made a little girl cry because I was at lunch when she wanted to get a picture taken. I really did not care, I had been working 16 hour days to accommodate parents. And after all, life is full of things we have to deal with and she needs to face it someday, right? :) Jack and Jinjer got to visit a great dogpark. The Millie Brk Park is located in George Bush Park. It is HUGE for an off-leash park, 15 acres with three ponds, if you ever travel to Houston with your dog, it is a must-see. Since it is such a big park though, people act as if they are in a big city and are stand-offish. One lady lit my anger when she told us that she was “against mixed breeds, that breeds should stay ‘pure’.” I had to walk away before I ripped into her pompous @$$! Oh well, next destination…Hot Springs, Arkansas.