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    This category consists of all the blog entries from our adventures in our Motorhome where we lived on the road for 4 years as well as any other travel related entries. It was an amazing journey and I love to look back through these entries, it makes me long for living on the road again, there was just something so freeing about it. However we have recently acquired “Nora’s Ark” and the adventures have continued to a lesser degree but it does satisfy my Wanderlust from time to time. So I invite you to look at the world through our eyes and perhaps get different view of the world around us.

    [26 Apr 2007 | No Comment | ]

    More pics from Balmorhea, TX >>
    Driving from San Antonio we seemed to be passing into another world, the desert. Upon pulling into the tiny west Texas town of Balmorhea we were taken back a bit. It seemed like a nice place, small town feel but a little on the impoverished side. Lots of rusting vehicles and farm equipment. Houses that were kinda run down. The wind was roaring! I tried many times to secure the satellite to no avail, the wind won the battle. I was going to try again …

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    [24 Apr 2007 | No Comment | ]

    We did not actually stay in San Antonio but rather 30 miles or so west of it, at Medina Lake set deep in Texas Hill Country. This was our first true taste of being out west. Bandera a small town nearby hails itself as “the Cowboy Capital of the World”. We were disappointed as there were no rodeos going on while we were there. A little restaurant Texarita’s in Bandera was a neat little place to eat. Not the best food, but the atmosphere was great.
    We hiked and biked Government …

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    [14 Apr 2007 | No Comment | ]

    More photos from Austin >>
    Arriving at the road leading to McKinney Falls State Park , Sharon and I witnessed something awful. We apparently saw a pit bull kill a small dog on the side of the road in a matter of seconds. We saw a guy break them up but we really could not tell what had really happened, but it shook us up pretty bad :(
    After shaking that horrific scene we took the dogs for a walk around McKinney Falls State Park, our home for the next seven days. …

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    [10 Apr 2007 | No Comment | ]

    More photos from Shiner and Columbus, TX >>
    We visited the Spoetzl Brewery that produces the Shiner Beer line named after the town it is headquartered in. Oddly enough the Spoetzel Brewery brews in the German Tradition of beer making because…come to find out this Hill Country area of Texas has a strong German heritage. Just seems weird to think of Germans being cowboys. Upon coming into the small town of Shiner I was a little disappointed to read on their welcome sign that they consider themselves “The cleanest small town …

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    [7 Apr 2007 | No Comment | ]

    More photos from Columbus, TX >>
    Okay, the first day was harsh, around 45º and rainy, we were bone cold! And yes before you say anything, we know we are whimps, we hate the cold, it sucks being cold!
    Note to selves: Do not attempt to cook crab bisque soup while in motion :)
    Columbus proved to be a very small Texas town. It was so small it had a regular, non-super Walmart! We headed out the first night to find a place to eat. The pickins were slim. Buffets seem to have …

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    [6 Apr 2007 | No Comment | ]

    More photos from Beaumont, TX>>
    I-10 is a mess from Baton Rouge to Beaumont, I thought for sure it was going to shake the Crusiemaster into spare parts. Somehow it made it through “The Gauntlet” in one piece. But inside was a jumbled mess. It gets amuzing when you here so much rattling and falling down behind you that unless it sounds like glass shattering it is not worth investigating. And a word of adice, after such a rough ride always open cabinets and refrigerators slooowwwly as contents may have shifted …

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    [2 Apr 2007 | No Comment | ]

    We made it to this little southern town with no trouble. Our command center in the coach seems to be operating great (Mac MacBook Pro attached to GPS, XM radio, weather station, EVDO internet and surround sound :) We really like this town. A stereo-typical friendly bayou small town with big charm, and a great brewpub! The Abita Springs Brewing company brew some of the best beers. Turbo Dog brown ale is a favorite of mine and now so is the Pecan Brown Ale, too bad it is a seasonal …

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    [2 Apr 2007 | No Comment | ]

    Sharon and I had the opportunity to go to the Belmont Arts Center in Pensacola for a glass blowing/fundraiser event. For $20 you get a hand blown glass, we got two really cool purple ones, and all the beer you can fill it with. We were so happy to see Spaten Oktoberfest as the beer, YUMMY! I did get to meet the person in charge of the center essentially. It turned out she is someone who I aready have met before and she knows me. Well we have agreed to …

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    [28 Mar 2007 | No Comment | ]

    What I will remember as a very long, yet poignant day, started very early. I was the official photographer for an event titled Breathe Life not Tobacco and had to get shooting by 8:00. It was an event that was geared to teach young kids about the dangerous realities of smoking and how the tobacco companies target them. I will defer to the Pensacola News Journal to explain the event… Published – March, 28, 2007  Grandson of tobacco giant asks students not to smoke Chrissy Littledale Thousands of local students were bused to Pensacola …

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    [22 Mar 2007 | No Comment | ]

    This may be a pipe dream, but Sharon recently got wind of a contest being held by Trek bicycles for a spokesmodel for their new line of gear designed for women. She has sent in a description of her and our journey. I hope they choose her as it would be an awesome opportunity and I know my girl would make an excellent role model. And we have no qualms about driving a mobile billboard :) It could not happen at a better time either, right at the beginning of …

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