I just love the bar with exposed brick. (Not my photo)

I just love the bar with exposed brick. (Not my photo)

After checking out the Baltimore Aquarium we made the short walk up Pratt St. to visit the Pratt St. Ale House for lunch. First off I was impressed with the ambiance of the place. But then again I am into older buildings who take advantage of exposed interior brick walls and tall, open beam ceilings.

The Ale House is home to Oliver Brewery who makes some great brews. I only tried a couple, and looking back not sure why I didnt try more.

Cherry Blossom Ale: A fantastic wheat ale with pureed dark cherries added to it. Unlike many fruity wheats, this one really worked great, not overly sweet but the cherry flavor was perfectly represented. This reminded me of a cherry lambic, or on of my favorite all times beers, Lindemann’s Framboise. A+

Old Habit: As you can tell by my beer choices on my favorite beers list, that I love brown ales. And this one was pretty good in my opinion, but not quite a favorite. I need to start paying better attention maybe as I have drank so many they are become to all blur together. With that said I apologize I am not giving a better review, but I believe this beer gets a B rating from me.

Three Lions: This was another brown ale. I did not like this one, mainly because it is a high alcohol content beer. I am not fond of them as the alcohol has a little burn and bitterness that detracts from the taste to me. Because of that fact I am not going to rate this beer as I am not a good person to ask about this style.

Beyond the beer, I found the menu to be really good. I had the rockfish italiano and it was exceptional. Now Sharon and Glenda were also with me and were not as enthused with theirs but still liked them, Sharon had the corn and crab quesadilla and Glenda the Thai chicken salad.

Overall I give the Brewpub an A-. I would like to return and try more of the beers.