About the Artist


Photo from the back cover of Volume 3. Randy, Sharon, Nora, Noah, Jack and Jinjer... "The Crew"

I currently have a business that encompasses all of my talents, the Hamilton Art Agency. I love the outdoors, mountain biking, kayaking and fishing. Beach volleyball being my top choices.

Nature has always been a part of my life and it shows in my art. I love to invite people see the beauty of nature through my eyes.

I have been blessed with many great friends and family. And I could not have not done all I have done with this project without the love and support of my amazing wife Sharon. She has been an inspiration to me through the way she has conducted herself in dealing with all of the adversities that have come about during this project. She is my soul-mate and could never imagine going on without her. I dedicated Volume 2 to my son Noah who we lost during his birth, he will always be with us and we will also love him, and long to have him in our arms. And Volume 3 is dedicated to Nora, our little girl who has blessed our lives. She is our light and inspiration.”
— Randall Louis Hamilton