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We made it to this little southern town with no trouble. Our command center in the coach seems to be operating great (Mac MacBook Pro attached to GPS, XM radio, weather station, EVDO internet and surround sound :) We really like this town. A stereo-typical friendly bayou small town with big charm, and a great brewpub! The Abita Springs Brewing company brew some of the best beers. Turbo Dog brown ale is a favorite of mine and now so is the Pecan Brown Ale, too bad it is a seasonal brew and not available in bottles. The food was great as well.

Be sure to go to Rausch’s little grocery store to eat as well. They are an antique collector’s must see as they have incredible unique antique bikes hanging. And if they have red beans and rice that day, GET IT!! The po-boys aren’t bad either.

Went into New Orleans today to have a look to see what Hurricane Katrina did to the area and see if their were any lone shoes laying around. We located two shoes one just before going over the causeway, the other in Metarie with a dust mask next to it. Kinda weird since I remember seeing people on TV cleaning up after Katrina wearing those. Jack and Jinjer got to play in the gorgeous park across from Tulane and also got to walk down Bourbon Street :) Note to self: The Lower Ninth Ward area is a war zone.

The most memorable event of the stay was the breakfast we had at the Abita Cafe’. I had a wonderful pecan waffle, and Sharon got one of their famous omelets and a biscuit. Just one biscuit, but a huge one! We think they cooked it in a small cake pan, it was around, 8” x 8” x 4’!!! We ate some that morning, and then the next morning we reheated it and both had some with there still being some leftover that we finally threw out. I still cannot believe they made a biscuit so big without warning you.

I missed a boot in Covington, LA because it was in the middle of the highway at night, and when we went back the next morning…it was gone :(

We’re headed off to Beaumont, Texas…