As you know Sharon’s nanny passed away recently. One of the things that most affected Nanny when she was alive was when we lost Noah. She, along with Glenda and Bump raced down here from Maryland to be at our side. Nanny had been looking forward to Noah’s birth with such excitement that she was devastated when she learned of his passing. She kept a photo by her bed of him from then on.

Her wish when she died was to be cremated and have her ashes buried next to Noah’s down on Deal Island. Up until she passed she spoke of him, saying she would be the first to see him in heaven and that she would take care of him, because that is what she does. She takes care of others. So it would be fitting that her heaven would involve looking after Noah.

Now ever since she passed I wondered if Nanny would be with Sharon’s Paw Paw (granddad who passed severals years ago) and Noah, and if we would ever get a sign to let us know they all found each other and all was okay. Because as you may know, Noah has a way of communicating with us.

So when Sharon and I went to Publix that evening after she got back home, for some reason, which she does not even know why, she purchased a Woman’s World magazine. A magazine that Nanny loved to look through and jot notes in the margin for other’s that read the magazine.

noah_articleThe first article she read after opening it at home was the one I have scanned at the right. If you cannot read it, here is what is says…

“After picking up my 4 year old grandson, Noah, from preschool one day, I asked him if he’d had a good day with his new friends. “Yes, Nanny,” he replied, but you and granddad are still my best friends.” As I beamed ear to ear, Noah stood there quietly for a moment. Then, looking puzzled, he piped up, “But I dont remember – where did we meet again?”

I know it is a little of a stretch to think it was actually sent by Noah, but don’t you think that it is a pretty crazy cooincidence???