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Welcome to my latest project. As with all of my projects I invite participation from others to make the projects that much more fun and interesting. This project is the most interactive yet so far. It will involve taking a photo EVERY DAY for a full year, 365 photos in all, and posting each one as you take it to your personal gallery which will reside on this site. It does not matter what the photo is of (please respect the no obscenity courtesy rule) just as long as you took the photo that day. I am so curious to see what people find to photograph each day.

Please note, if you sign up you must realize I expect dedication from you, if for some reason you miss a shot here or there it is no big deal, however if you miss 5 in a row, or a total of 12 throughout your 365 days your gallery may be removed. Part of this challenge is to stick with it.

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