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They may use paper plates, but they do use glass for their pints at least!

They may use paper plates, but they do use glass for their pints at least!

After visiting Baltimore many times and living in Florida I have tried quite a few crab cakes, but none have come close to the ones at Koko’s pub.

Koko’s is somewhat of a hole-in-the-wall kinda place. The food is served on paper plates and only recently have they changed over to actual silverware instead of plastic. It is away from the beaten path of downtown and pretty much only locals know of it. The funny thing about this place is if you want to eat dinner there you better make reservations.

Sharon’s aunt Glenda took us there proclaiming she was taking us to the place of the best crab cakes ever and they did not disappoint. First thing you notice is the size of them. They are huge! When you first sink your fork into them you notice how moist and soft they are and just full of large chunks of bright white lump crab meat. I mean these are so heavily packed with crab I don’t know how they stay together. I guess it must be the creamy sauce they saute the crab in. I dont know exactly what made them so heavenly, but I could not get enough of it.

I am here to tell you, those crab cakes are the best I have ever had and almost guarantee you will feel the same way. So if you are a crab cake fan, and are ever in Baltimore you MUST have a crab cake at Koko’s pub!!