We went to The Brewer’s Art brewpub with Nanny in Baltimore. I read about on the internet and had to go. And to call it a brewpub is to call Mount Everest just a hill (or something like that). Anyway this place was incredible, the best brewpub yet. Starting with the food, which was gourmet, yet made for everyday people. We had sauteed calamari with bamboo shoots, eggplant, water chestnuts and red curry broth; Tuscan tomato soup with parmesan gougeres; Pork Barbeque Sandwich with chipolte-resurrection beer BBQ sauce on homemade cornbread with coleslaw and out house fries; and the best of all, the roasted garlic and rosemary mac-n-cheese. Now is that a gourmet feast or what!?!

And now for the beer. They are known for their high-end belgian brews. We tried;

Resurrection Ale: During the fermentation of the first batch of this “Abbey-style ale, the yeast ‘died’ and was ‘resurrected’ by brewer Chris Cashell. Made